Marilyne Dietrich

Marilyne Dietrich

My name is Marilyne Dietrich. I am a marriage advisor and have been in the industry for over 10 years. I work with international couples, as well as mail order brides to help them navigate the cultural differences between their home countries and their new homes. The most common problems that arise from these relationships are miscommunication, guilt, loneliness, and jealousy issues. It is my goal to provide solutions for all of these difficulties so that true love can thrive! I believe that any problem is manageable and that mail order brides are as easy to date as any American woman from your neighborhood.

I like listening to music while doing my job because it helps me relax and focus on what needs to be done next. My favorite song right now is ""Love Story"" by Taylor Swift ft Ed Sheeran. I've been listening to it as I was working on my latest pieces for this website. Be sure to check them out and bookmark us to read more in the future!

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